How to Chat With GOD

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Chat with God

Do you ever feel yourself tensed ,alone,depressive. And you need someone with whom you can share your problem.You need some company to hold you.
What if that someone is none other than ‘GOD’.
If you really feel like you need to talk about something but you don’t have anybody with whom you can talk right now then its best that you chat with GOD and share your emotions or problems.You can make confessions which will make you feel lighter and better.
Here I’m giving you a site on which you can chat with directly to the GOD and I’m sure you’ll really feel relaxing.As I’m already chatting from past few days.
The reply you get from God is very accurate.It is really great to spend time when you feel lonely.

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How to Hide Drives Using Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows

How to Hide Drives Using Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows
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If you have sensitive or important data stored on a particular disk drive that you don’t want anyone to see, then a great way to hide that drive through Command Prompt (cmd).

With Windows XP, Vista & 7 you can achieve this easily using nothing more than the Command Prompt. 

Here’s How:-

  • Click Start -> Run (This brings up the Run dialog box)

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  • How to install Apk files manually on your Android Phone

    Hello friends. I hope you’re fine.In our inaugural post, we will go, back to basics and learn how to install non-market applications on your Android device. 

    Android logo
    If you own a Android phone or Tablet, you must’ve installed atleast one application from the Android Market a.k.a Google Play. The process is quite easy. Isn’t? First open the Play Store, search for your desired application, top on it, and at last tap on Install, in case of a free app, or tap Buy, in case of a paid app.
    Although the Google Play Store offers thousands upon thousands of applications to choose from, 
    sometimes you’ll want to break free and install applications that aren’t available on the Market. So now, I’ll show you how to install non-market applications.
    Android applications are packaged in .apk files. Apk stands for Android application package file . If you have a web page that links to the .apk you can download and install it (you can also install a .apk file from your sdcard or your phone’s memory  by browsing to and tapping on it using a file manager). 

    Android by default blocks manual installation of applications

    Your Android phone is, by default, set to disallow any applications that aren’t from the Android Market. It is a very good feature to protect your phone and your data from unwanted external access and from those applications that could modift your data, acting more like a virus.None the less there are times where you might want to install third-party apps that aren’t sourced through the Market.

    Disabling manual application blocking

    If you attempt to load an APK file, you’ll get an error message like this: Continue reading