Instituting the freedom and joy to shop with and!

With the war of marketing going on in the current e-commerce trading industry, all the established names now seem on back foot as has now integrated with As when I saw the details and offers of via the India’s biggest hindi news portal, the conundrum of offers available on all these online portals disappeared from my mind, and I felt so relaxed!

3Trust me on this, exploring this commercial website itself will give an immense pleasure and satisfaction that you shall no longer feel the need or urge to check out discounts on other portals such as or or Dominos pizza or Paytm. And there is a catch in this! No, it’s not that you will now have to digress literally from these portals that are in your favourites list these days. You are going to find a collaboration of numerous such portals of your taste and choice integrated with brand! Yes, all of the online shopping favourites of yours are available under the umbrella of that offers many exciting coupons, justifying the title of the website.

It has,, Dominos pizza,, and even travel consultancies of all kinds for you. This makes it pretty clear that all your requirements and genres of need are covered perfectly by this initiative. Further, they have a point-rewards system too, just the way you experience when you shop offline, but only when you are issued a card by the store. In contrast to all this hullabaloo, here you only need to register and you earn 250 points there itself! Further when you use any coupon, you earn points that in turn begets you more rewards. Not only this, shopping with becomes a delight when there are so many deals to explore and you can never leave without adding a thing to your cart and buying it. It has a new advantage attached to it now that you can stay updated via any platform namely, twitter, linkedIn, or just connect with for latest news and the latest deals in the market of all Indian e-commerce portals together!


Just visit at once and quickly hop over to their eBay section or Jabong section (These are my favourite sections 🙂 ) I guarantee that you’ll definitely save some of your hard-earned money.


Moreover, it is obvious that if you are an eager online shopper, you must be carrying an online account in any of the banks available on the portal. has tie-up with more than 400 banks Pan-India and thus, you can now avail the deals available for you, in association with your personal bank, for example “extra 10% off with AXIS bank Debit/Credit card”. Once you login or register, you just cannot touch and go without anything good in your cart, nor shall the website EVER disappoint you in terms of service, quality, and deals. It’s a penultimate yet very highly satisfying shopping destination for you and your family and even you friends/relatives. Gifting others will become a double treat for you, as you pay so less and achieve so much in terms of quality, quantity and of course, happiness!


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